In addition to being a deeply wise and kind healer and counselor, Vici is extraordinarily gifted and has profound intuitive abilities. Through Vici’s readings and insights, important truths have been revealed to me , which have led to positive, soul-affirming changes in my life. I am forever grateful to Vici and will continue to seek guidance from her when life presents its obstacles and opportunities.
— Andrea W., humanitarian activist
What a gift it was to meet Victoria Williams in 2012 for a tarot card reading at Kripalu. I received so much more! Vici had no prior knowledge about me or my work yet clearly perceived my soul’s purpose and path. She accurately foresaw opportunities that I could not have imagined, and stunningly, they have come to fruition. Since my initial reading I have met with Vici annually, receiving professional and personal counsel wrapped in warmth and wisdom. Victoria Williams’ gift of heart and vision is indeed a blessing.
— Michele Tamaren, Presenter, Life Coach, Spiritual Director, and Author of "ExtraOrdinary: An End of Life Story Without End" (Pearlsong Press)
I write to you in order to thank you for our meeting. I came home reeling from the amazing, circuitous, serendipitous weaving together of the many strands of experience that made the tapestry of our session. It felt so cumulative, so integrated, so right. Thank you for your care, your openness, your knowledge, your love and life’s work.
— Barbara Mariconda, teacher and author of over 30 books
I am a born skeptic when it comes to the idea of tarot readings and things of that nature. But when I met Vici, sat with her, and opened my heart to her readings and guides, it was a truly transformative experience. I don’t know where she gets her incredible insights from, but let’s just say I have her on speed-dial if anything urgent should ever come up. Whether I’ve met with her in person or on the phone, I am guaranteed an insightful, positive, warm, uplifting experience.
— Lisa Lampanelli, comedian, writer, actor
Vici is an extraordinarily talented therapist and teacher and a uniquely gifted healer. She is also one of the most generous and wise people I’ve ever known.”
— Timothy McCall, MD, author of "Yoga as Medicine" (bantam), "Examining your Doctor" (Citadel Press), "the Principals and Practise of Yoga in Healthcare" (Handspring Press); medical editor, Yoga Journal
Vici Williams is a loving, wise and compassionate healer, therapist and teacher. Whether she is working with groups or one-on-ones, Vici knows how to establish and maintain a safe and compassionate container where transformation happens.
— Amy Weintraub, MFA, ERYT, author of "Yoga for Depression" (Broadway Books), "Yoga Skills for Therapists" (W.W. Norton & Co.)